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Commitment to Safety


It is the Policy of Red Iron Steel Erectors, Inc. to ensure that every employee has a safe and healthy working environment. The Policy requires all departments and locations to be in compliance with all applicable local, state or federal laws, regulations and Red Iron Steel Erectors, Inc. policies concerning safety.

Red Iron Steel Erectors, Inc. has developed a custom written safety program which includes hazard communication, respiratory protection, fall protection, confined space, and drug free workplace policies.

Objectives of our Safety Program include the identification of, elimination or control of all hazards to personnel, products, equipment, and facilities.

All levels of supervision are responsible for maintaining safe working conditions, for properly instructing their employees in the safe performance of assigned tasks and to ensure that the tools and equipment in their workplace are maintained and operated in a safe manner. Additionally, each supervisor is responsible to inform each employee within his/her area of the Company's safety requirements and to ensure that each employee understands them.

Red Iron Steel Erectors, Inc. is responsible for promoting a safety culture that encourages accident prevention and continually strives to improve its safety performance.

All employees have a personal responsibility to understand, promote, and follow safe practices to ensure that their actions will not cause injury to themselves or to others. Working together effectively requires knowledge and understanding of procedures, safe ways of working, and proper attitudes. Employees are also responsible to notify their supervisor of potential or existing hazards to health or safety. Willful or careless neglect resulting in occupational injury or property damage may be cause for disciplinary action.